Sunday, September 9, 2012

Big Picture Post!!!

So... I never posted about Krue. Yikes. I'm not that far behind, I mean, he was only born like 8 months ago...

Krue Kyle Carter was born on December 16, 2011. 
My handsome son was 8lbs and 13oz
He was so beautiful, and chubby!
 He was such a sweet-tempered boy right from the start! He acted so big, like he was a couple months old already. When it was time to eat, he latched right on like he'd done it a thousand times. He even held his head up just a few hours after he was born! He was such a little stud. I could not believe that we had created another perfect little person. 
Skin on Skin right after he came out ♥

Khloe was a bit... weirded out by the whole thing.  Sure, she smiled for the camera, but immediately after it was taken she was like, "K, I'm done" and pushed him away.  She soon warmed up to her new brother and loved on him like crazy, she was just really funny at first.  She knew that I had a baby in my tummy and that he was going to come out soon, but I think the reality of it was a bit much. Plus, I think she was overwhelmed  a little too, because she was in the room when it all went down...  
Anyway, she is madly in love with him and she is an amazing big sister.
We were all pretty worn out!

The next morning when it was time to go, we realized that we had a bit of a lazy one on our hands...
He wouldn't nurse! It was just too much work! He would try for a minute, then he'd just go back to sleep. The nurses tried to trick him be putting a little formula on my and he'd suck for a second, then give up and go back to sleep. He was such a stinker. They wouldn't let me leave until he had eaten, so after an hour or so of trying to get him to eat we finally just supplimented an ounce or two so they'd let us leave. Once we got home, though, he ate like a champ. In fact, he would nurse ALL DAY, it seemed that way to me anyhow....

Christmas 2011

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